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Why choose Invisalign® over other clear aligner brands?

invisalign clear braces

Not All Clear Aligners are Created Equal.

Companies like ClearCorrect, SmileDirectClub, Candid Co, and Invisalign all offer an alternative to traditional wire braces by using custom-fit clear aligners to move your teeth gently. However, not all clear aligners are created equal. So what sets Invisalign apart from the rest?

There are two categories of clear aligner therapy. One is guided by your dentist or orthodontist, and the other is order-by-mail, or direct-to-consumer.


Dentist-guided aligners are guided and overseen by a licensed dentist or orthodontist. Because Invisalign is so popular, there are sure to be copycats, such as ClearCorrect. There are also many dental labs that offer their own version of clear aligner therapy. Most often, these options allow for only minor tooth movements because they lack the complex software required for 3D tooth movement projections that Invisalign does.

With Invisalign, you can have an easy 3D scan that produces a treatment simulation video in just minutes. You’ll know right away how long your treatment will take and what the outcome will look like. Competitors can take weeks or even months to develop your treatment simulation video. Invisalign also shows your dentist what your final bite will look like. Because of technology, treatment with Invisalign is faster, more predictable, and comprehensive.


A newer option for clear aligner therapy is direct-to-consumer or DIY. This includes brands like Smile Direct Club and Candid Co. What the term direct-to-consumer means is that these companies make clear aligners to straighten your teeth without your seeing a dentist. While we can understand how tempting it is to skip the dentist, this option is not safe. You may have undiagnosed cavities or gum disease that can progress during treatment. With Invisalign, you’ll be coming to see us in person to make sure your treatment is going as planned. We can correct the course if necessary and help you reach all of your oral wellness goals. Other companies offer very little support. Depending on which system you choose, you might never be directly seen by a doctor, so there’s no way to know accurately whether your treatment is on-track or not.

Only licensed dentists and orthodontists have the education and training necessary to safely and predictably move teeth. The internet is full of horror stories of patients who attempt moving their own teeth and end up with teeth that actually fall out! The savings in cost are not worth the possible complications to which you put yourself at risk by attempting to straighten your teeth on your own.

Why Choose Invisalign? 


Invisalign provides excellent clinical support to your doctor directly. Dentists and orthodontists must complete a certification process that involves a high standard of education in order to begin straightening teeth with Invisalign. Invisalign also offers its providers continual webinars, classes and conferences to improve their understanding of and skills with Invisalign.

Aligntech (the company that makes Invisalign) employs orthodontic lab technicians with the highest level of skill to work with each dentist and orthodontist on every single Invisalign case. The lab technicians understand clear aligner therapy and the types of tooth movements that can happen when patients use aligners correctly. Invisalign also has orthodontists on staff to advise the providing dentists and orthodontists with difficult or complex cases.

Customer Service.

Once you start Invisalign treatment, your account stays active for 5 years. If something happens and you stop mid-treatment, you can restart treatment and have new trays fabricated at no additional charge while your account is active. If you’re finished with your treatment but aren’t happy with your smile, you can have additional trays fabricated at no charge. With other systems, more trays are associated with an additional cost so you won’t be as free to tweak certain things after the initial treatment.

Excellence In Technology.

Invisalign was the pioneer in clear aligner therapy. Dentists and orthodontists have been straightening teeth for decades with Invisalign and achieving perfect results. Over the years, Invisalign has continually improved the predictability of the movements prescribed by its aligners, and only Invisalign is proven to produce the best smile results. Invisalign’s competitors cannot even come close to the technology used by Invisalign. From their three-dimensional scanning technology to the treatment software to the CAD/CAM production of the aligners, Invisalign is the cutting edge in clear aligner therapy.

Invisalign also has the power of the iTerro scanner. The iTero scanner is a great tool to track the progression of tooth movement during Invisalign treatment, to assess the general health of the teeth and gums, and to indicate which patients may benefit from teeth alignment. It has three exceptional features that are beneficial for patients.

  • Initial impressions: Scanning your teeth with the iTero is much more accurate than taking a physical mold.
  • Progress Tracking: The scanner allows your doctor to compare where your teeth are relative to where they should be during treatment so they’ll be able to immediately detect any teeth that might not be moving on track. Early detection is better than waiting until the end of treatment to discover that the teeth haven’t moved according to plan.
  • Time Lapse: Taking a series of scans allows your doctor to assess the wear and movement of teeth over time, and detect teeth that have shifted.

Are You Interested In “Invisibly” Straightening Your Teeth?

If you are considering Invisalign, the doctors at Shemen Dental Group in Amarillo, TX, can recommend the right way to achieve a straighter, healthier, and more attractive smile. The right treatment solution will depend heavily on the extent of treatment you need, as well as your cosmetic concerns and lifestyle.

Here at Shemen Dental, Dr. Eddy Sauer has been a member of the Align North American Faculty for 6 years and Align Global Faculty for 3 years. He has traveled all over the US and Canada developing and teaching courses and study clubs to other dentists about best practices using Invisalign in their practices. This has helped keep our practice on the forefront of all the new and developing techniques in moving teeth. Helping him hone his expertise for my patients right here at home.

As Invisalign Preferred Providers, our doctors are highly qualified to perform custom treatments, and can combine Invisalign with Propel Orthodontics for even faster results. We also provide Invisalign Teen, a special variation of this treatment designed especially for adolescents, and Invisalign Express, an expedited treatment option. Contact us today!