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Shemen Dental Group in Amarillo, TX, recommends preventive dentistry for patients of all ages to help them maintain healthy smiles throughout their lives and monitor for cavities and decay before they reach advanced stages. Many patients only visit the dentist after the onset of these conditions or during dental emergencies that require more expensive treatment than a general preventive exam. Six-month checkups with your dentist can help you maintain a healthy smile at every age and can lower the risk of requiring costly, invasive treatment. Whether you are new to the Amarillo area or simply need to establish ongoing care with a dentist, we are here to help your entire family experience the many benefits of outstanding oral health.

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Your Exam

When you visit our office for your preventive exam, we will check your dental and periodontal health and remove any plaque and tartar through a deep cleaning.  Our office offers digital X-rays to minimize radiation exposure and more accurately detect cavities or other oral health concerns.

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Childhood preventive dentistry is important because it allows us to monitor your child’s dental development, address potential concerns, and establish good oral hygiene habits and a healthy diet to lower their risk of cavities. Cavities, also known as caries, are prevalent in children. According to the Center for Disease Control, cavities are one of the most common chronic health conditions in children. We recommend bringing your child in for an exam around the time of their first birthday, or after their first tooth erupts.


Adults & Seniors

As we age, the needs of our smiles do too. Patients with a history of tobacco use, heavy alcohol intake, or genetic disposition are at risk of developing oral cancer or other serious health conditions. Our office uses VELscope® oral cancer screening technology to test for abnormalities using natural tissue fluorescence. A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that adults who underwent oral cancer screening reduced their mortality rates by 34%. Early intervention can help patients maintain their overall wellness for years to come.


Preventive dentistry allows us to address oral health concerns before the onset of serious complications.

This reduces the need for costly and invasive treatment in the future.

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Preventive dentistry allows us to address oral health concerns before the onset of serious complications, reducing the need for costly and invasive treatment in the future. We can help you develop and maintain a healthy smile, and can recommend a regular checkup routine based on your overall health status and history. Call our office at (806) 358-2472 or contact us online to schedule an exam for your entire family.