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Invisalign for Teens

By July 5, 2018July 20th, 2020No Comments

Straight teeth are healthy teeth! Until the advent of Invisalign®, patients desiring a straighter smile had to undergo orthodontic treatment with metal braces. While certainly effective, many individuals do invisalign teennot like the idea of wearing a metal appliance for two years.

Invisalign allows patients to achieve the smile they desire using clear plastic aligner trays. Now, this revolutionary treatment is available for teens as well. Today, our team at Shemen Dental Group in Amarillo, TX explores Invisalign for teens.

How Invisalign® Works: A Brief Overview

Patients who choose Invisalign will receive a custom sequence of thermoplastic aligner trays. Each set of trays will be crafted according to the personalized treatment plan set forth by your dentist.

Every two weeks, the existing aligners will be changed out for the next set in the sequence. The subtle differences in the trays will gradually shift the teeth into their desired positions over time.

Like traditional orthodontics, the Invisalign treatment timeline can vary based on the individual needs of the patient. In most cases, it takes about 18 to 24 months to complete treatment successfully.

Why Teens Love Invisalign

Teens love Invisalign for many of the same reasons our adult patients do. First, the trays are virtually invisible. This means that others are not likely to notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Second, the trays are removable. Therefore, there are no dietary restrictions, and no special instruments necessary to clean around the bands and brackets.

Keep in mind, however, that the success of Invisalign largely depends on patient compliance. Therefore, your teen should only consider this treatment if he or she can responsibly wear the trays as instructed.

Features of Invisalign Teen

Many of our patients want to know if there is a difference between traditional Invisalign and Invisalign for teens. While the overall mechanics are similar, there are a few features that set Invisalign Teen apart.

Extra Space for Young Dentition

One of the most significant challenges of orthodontic treatment is figuring out how to make enough space for erupting teeth. Invisalign Teen trays come with extra room so that the growing molars can be delicately guided into their proper positions as the other teeth are moved.

Features for Moving Roots

Sometimes, moving the tooth roots is necessary during orthodontic treatment. This can be a challenge with traditional Invisalign. However, Invisalign Teen includes a feature called power ridges, which help guide the roots into the correct locations.

Complimentary Replacement Trays

Let’s face it: teenage life can be busy. It is not uncommon for young patients to misplace or lose their aligner trays. This can not only slow the pace of treatment, it can also become expensive. Invisalign Teen offers up to six replacement trays, free of charge.

Indicator Dots for Successful Treatment

Successful treatment depends on the compliance of the patient. Invisalign will not work if the trays are not worn. Invisalign Teen trays come with small blue indicator dots that diminish over time. This helps the patient, his or her parents, and the doctor know if the aligners are being worn long enough to achieve the desired result.

Find out More about Invisalign for Teens

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for your child, consider what Invisalign Teen can do. To explore your treatment options, schedule a consultation at the Shemen Dental Group. Call us at (806) 358-2472 or contact us online.