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Is Invisalign Painful?

By September 5, 2015July 20th, 2020No Comments
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Pain Levels Are Much Less Than Traditional Braces

“It might be a 1 or a 2.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, what do most Invisalign patients at Shemen Dental say their pain level is?

“You know what, we rarely have anyone who says they take anything at all, not even Tylenol,” said Dr. Eddy Sauer, the Managing Partner and Dentist at Shemen Dental.

Most patients using braces experience pain regularly. With each new set of wires, when food gets stuck in the wires or brackets, when the mouth is bumped, each of these scenarios can be very painful for braces users.

There are many potentially problematic scenarios that cause pain while wearing braces, like lip laceration or sporting impact. Braces tend to get in the way of many activities.

Invisalign is completely different. There are no wires or brackets. The smooth plastic doesn’t cause a potential issue with impact to the mouth. On the first day, most patients say the pain level is a “1” or “2” on a scale of 1-10. We almost never hear of patients at Shemen Dental using pain relievers, even mild ones like Tylenol. Invisalign isn’t painful.

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