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No Judgement Zone

By August 12, 2020No Comments

How long has it been since you’ve had a cleaning? A few months? A year? A few years? Either way, at Shemen Dental, we are dedicated to making each visit with us a No Judgement Zone. We take pride in caring for you the first time, as if you’d never left. Our patients mean the world to us, so making you comfortable is our top priority.

What will my appointment look like?

If you haven’t been in awhile, you might be curious – what all does a cleaning appointment involve?

When you visit our office for your exam, we will start with your medical history. Many issues you may experience medically (including medications), like high blood pressure, can have significant effects on your oral health. We also check your dental health – this includes a detailed measuring of your gums for periodontal disease as well as an oral cancer examination, including a device called Velscope, that uses a special light to uncover otherwise hard to see lesions earlier than ever before. We also check your jaw joints to make sure they are functioning properly, to reduce TMJ problems.

We then focus on removing any plaque and tartar through a deep cleaning, using tools like a mirror, a scaler, and then polishing and flossing. We use the newest technology to remove and cleanse your mouth of the bacteria that leads to damage in your mouth as well as in your body. Our office offers digital X-rays to minimize radiation exposure and more accurately detect cavities or other oral health concerns.

Does a dental cleaning hurt?

While most patients experience minimal pain and discomfort when getting their teeth cleaned, there are several factors that can make the process more painful:

  • Dental sensitivity due to inflammation, gum disease or tooth decay

  • Long periods of time between cleanings

  • Jaw pain due to temporomandibular disorders

You should communicate any pain, so we can take care of you accordingly, and adjust your cleaning as needed. Don’t be a stranger, we’re thrilled to see you, no matter how long it’s been!